Here we have our favorite songs written by kids and their teachers! Most of these are written to the tune of songs you already know, so there are some that we cannot record for copyright reasons. If you want to sing one of these, see if you can find a karaoke version on YouTube or something and sing along with that.

Listen & Watch

Song Artist / Source Time
Angle Mon Ms. Ben-Nissan's class N/A
Animal Phyla 20th Street Elementary School N/A
Animals Spreading Seeds - N/A
Baby Bones Ms. Therkildsen's class N/A
Banana Bread Army Ms. Bilovsky's class N/A
Bears Pacoima Charter Elementary School N/A
Big Cats Pacoima Charter Elementary School N/A
Food Webs Ms. Elkayam's class N/A
Fractions For Sharing - N/A
Friction (forces on a train) - N/A
Good Ol’ Units - N/A
Hibernate, Insulate, Migrate - N/A
Hurricane!!! Ms. Bilovsky's class N/A
Incredible Elbow (Joints) - N/A
Kill the Lawn Payne Residency Songs N/A
Kinetic and Potential Energy Haskell STEAM Songbook N/A
Lewis and Clark - N/A
Long Division Haskell STEAM Songbook N/A
Making Electricity Haskell STEAM Songbook N/A
Math With Fractions Haskell STEAM Songbook N/A
My Paper (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) - N/A
Native Trees Payne Residency Songs N/A
Rosa Parks 20th Street Elementary School N/A
Saving Water Payne Residency Songs N/A
Seeds 20th Street Elementary School N/A
Sharks Pacoima Charter Elementary School N/A
Sight Vinedale Elementary N/A
Slow the Water, Spread and Sink It Payne Residency Songs N/A
Smell Vinedale Elementary N/A
Sylvia Mendez 20th Street Elementary School N/A
Take Me Out to the T. Payne Payne Residency Songs N/A
Taste Vinedale Elementary N/A
Taxation Without Representation Mr. Matsu's class N/A
Types of Volcanoes Haskell STEAM Songbook N/A
What a Wonderful Sound Haskell STEAM Songbook N/A