This is where I put lyrics and recordings that aren’t part of any particular project as yet, along with a few of my songs for grownups. Note that “for grownups” does not mean they have bad words or stuff like that; it just means they weren’t written with a young audience in mind. I would never post anything here I wouldn’t be comfortable with my kid seeing, but your standards may be different from mine so please use your own judgment.

Song Artist   Time
All These Immigrants - N/A
Birds (Vertebrate Cycle) - N/A
Broken Countries Tim Griffin N/A
Canaries (Y11+) - N/A
Come Krampus (Y8+) Tim Griffin N/A
Duck Billed Platypus - N/A
Five Little Roosters (Y8+) - N/A
How Big Will This Pet Get? Tim Griffin N/A
June Again Tim Griffin N/A
Lower Case - N/A
Lucy On The Line Tim Griffin N/A
Making Electricity - N/A
Mammals (Vertebrate Cycle) - N/A
Moonshine Tim Griffin N/A
Mr. Mohs - N/A
My Heart - N/A
Organs In A Jar (Y8+) - N/A
Penguin - N/A
Pico, Nano, Micro, Milli - N/A
Prepare To Die Tim Griffin N/A
Red Giant Day -Tim Griffin N/A
Reptiles - N/A
Six Feet Deep - N/A
Something Wicked Tim Griffin N/A
The Best Part Of Science - N/A
The Savage Yeast - N/A
Whale Fall - N/A
You Got To Make Ten Tim Griffin N/A