Something Wicked
Tim Griffin

Some people make their way and stay within the light
Their path illuminated through the dead of nighttime
They walk in wonder, giving thanks unto their God
Others just draw trouble like the rod will draw the lightning

Some people know the world and know it all too well
It kicks you in the teeth but you won’t have to tell them
They know the season when the carnival will come
But I swear by the pricking of my thumbs…
Something wicked this way comes.

Beware the coming Dark, better act your age
We all play our part like actors on a stage and
He’ll have you on his hook and almost incidentally
He’ll read you like a book and gently cut your pages

The carnival has come, it’s opening tonight
One thousand wonders and accordions of light and
You know the reason why the carnival will come
But I swear by the pricking of my thumbs…
Something wicked this way comes.

See people lining up, quickly as they can
See the painted ladies and the illustrated man, now it’s
Midnight, hold on tighter, spinning through the years
Should your laughter turn to tears, you know there’s no recanting

Some people turning forward, others turning back
‘Round in a whirl until the world begins to crack, so
Heed my warning should the morning ever come
For I swear by the pricking of my thumbs…
When you listen for the beating of their drums…
I can feel in the pricking of my thumbs…
Something wicked.


This is, of course, my homage to the book "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury. I wrote it for an upcoming GriffinEd project called "Read Me," which will feature songs by me and others about our favorite books for young people. For this recording it was my great privilege to be joined by Alexander Adams on fiddle, Maya Bohnhoff on vocal harmony, and Jeff Bohnhoff on everything else.

We recommend this book for readers about 8th grade level and up, with a caution that it is quite scary. There is also a good movie from Disney (1983, rated PG) that is fine for Halloween for, let's say, a 10-year old with steady nerves.