Would you like to see your songs featured in the GriffinEd library and maybe make a little money? Fantastic!

An Open Call For Educational Music

-Griffin Education, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to raising academic achievement through fun educational music, is looking for songs and/or music videos to help kids learn specific, identifiable skills and knowledge they will need for school and/or life. Songs we accept will be featured in GriffinEd’s free online library of teaching songs.
-The STEM subjects are our bread and butter, but we also need good songs about other stuff: logic, civics, history (American, world, or local), personal finance, table manners, social media skills, bicycle maintenance, dog handling, etc. If you’ve got a good song about something kids need to learn, we want to hear from you!
-GriffinEd pays standard royalties (10% of any digital revenues, $.10 per unit for CD’s or other physical copies) for any use where GriffinEd might make some money from your song, but…
-If you already have a good recording (audio or video) of your song available online, GriffinEd can just link directly to it from our library; that way you get 100% of any money your song might earn.

A few more things about what we’re looking for… a song need not be relevant for all ages, but everything in our library needs to be kid-safe since there are some little ones using our site. That’s why we won’t do songs about (for example) contraception, even though some of our audience desperately need that information. We try to feature in our songs and our collaborators a diversity of subject, musical genre, gender, race, faith (or non-faith), social or political perspective, etc; and to do so in a way that honors all points of view that are compatible with a free and pluralist society. We don’t always get it right, so please TELL US when you figure we’re dropping the bias ball and we will discuss how we can do better.
For questions and submissions, please contact Tim Griffin: tim@GriffinEd.org

We are also working on a new section of the library that will be dedicated to our favorite books (fiction and non-fiction) for young and early teen readers. The goal here is to encourage kids to say, “I want to read that book!” Think of it as a musical equivalent of a movie trailer, giving enough information to excite a potential reader without spoiling the whole plot. For songs or questions about the READ ME project, please contact Jeff Bohnhoff: ReadMe@GriffinEd.org