If You’re a Teacher or a Parent, You Should Get to Know Tim Griffin’s Music

Posted October 20, 2014, under Press & Media

The following is excerpted from an article on Ghost Writer – the Gray Man Blogs, by Gray Rinehart Last month I introduced my newsletter readers* to Tim Griffin, whose music I encountered at the World Science Fiction Convention this past August. My expectations for the World Science Fiction Convention in London were very high, and … Read More

Notes from a Musical Nonprofit

Posted July 24, 2013, under Press & Media

A longtime Los Angeles Unified School District teacher with a proclivity for music, Griffin regularly wove music and performing arts into his lessons to grab students’ attention and reinforce core content standards. He penned clever songs covering everything from the American Revolution to zoology.

Eye On The Bay: Those Other Conventions Pt. 2

Posted March 6, 2012, under Press & Media

There are traditional conventions for medical, technology and business professionals – and then there are the “other ones”. Step inside a South Bay convention with hundreds of people dressed in furry costumes and a convention dedicated to knitting.

Six Leg Jump

Posted February 27, 2012, under Press & Media

Why exactly are spiders and other arachnids NOT insects? Both groups are arthropods, which is to say both classes have an exoskeleton rather than bones to hold the body together. But you could say the same about a lobster, man! Next time you’re not sure what class of arthropod you just spotted on your toilet … Read More

Natural Selection

Posted February 24, 2012, under Press & Media

Even in Los Angeles, I get several complaints each year from parents who don’t want me teaching their kids about evolution. Of course, teachers used to get the same complaints about teaching gravity, atoms, germs, and the heliocentric solar system. So, one more time: NATURAL SELECTION DOES NOT CONTRADICT WHATEVER FAITH YOU MAY HOLD. IT … Read More

National Debt

Posted February 23, 2012, under Press & Media

One of my colleagues challenged me to write a song about economics on the same day a first grader complained that I’d never written a song with a llama in it. True enough. The irritating thing about this song is that I have to keep changing the lyrics: the debt was $13T when I wrote … Read More