Natural Selection

Even in Los Angeles, I get several complaints each year from parents who don’t want me teaching their kids about evolution. Of course, teachers used to get the same complaints about teaching gravity, atoms, germs, and the heliocentric solar system. So, one more time: NATURAL SELECTION DOES NOT CONTRADICT WHATEVER FAITH YOU MAY HOLD. IT IS A MECHANISM for the development of new species. Yes it’s a theory, but it’s a theory that is built upon and supported by a great big mountain of observation and confirmed predictions, which is why every real scientist accepts it. If God can employ gravity, the strong atomic force, hydrogen fusion, etc. to run the universe, then God can certainly employ a basic mechanism like natural selection as a tool for speciation. This may require you to adjust your faith. Don’t worry, we’ve done that before. Remember when a sickly child or lightning hitting your house meant God was angry with you? We got over that, we’ll get over this controversy too.