Tim Griffin

I wish I were a penguin in the Southern hemisphere
A humboldt or galapagos with flipper-wings to steer
Befeathered like a fjordland, or maybe magellanic
Oh I wish I were a penguin, all the fish would flee in panic

I wish I were a penguin, I’d be flightless and exotic
Forsaking aviation for a lifestyle more aquatic
I’d fly beneath the ocean as I close in for the kill
Oh I wish I were a penguin hunting fish and squid and krill.

(bridge) If I could be a penguin on the Southern polar ice
Maybe swiftly swimming through the Southern sea
Or nearer the equator where the weather is much nicer
Even a chubby little chinstrap would be good enough for me

With my countershaded plumage, I would be a real show-stopper
I’d be hard to see beneath the sea, adelie or rock-hopper
White-flippered or an African, or even a gentoo
Oh I wish I were a penguin, yellow-eyed or little blue

For if I were a penguin, a royal or a king
An emperor of Antarctica with a flipper for a wing
I might be macaroni, erect-crested, or a snares
Oh I wish I were a penguin, for the Southern seas are theirs!


A key theme for life science in the primary grades is that animals and plants must adapt to their environment, and penguins are a fine example.