Fractions For Sharing
by Ms. Lambert’s class
Haskell STEAM Songbook

May be sung to the tune of Macarena by Rafael Ruiz

I got onto a plane, flew to Giza with a friend
When we landed we were hungry so we got some pizza then
We wanted pepperoni but they only had it plain
Fractions for sharing!

Delivering the pizza was the singer Michael Jackson
With two people sharing he had to take some action
He cut it into halves so the pizza was in fractions
Fractions for sharing!

Then into the restaurant walked Stan Lee
He said “I love pizza, will you give a slice to me?”
We cut it into thirds so we could share with three
Fractions for sharing!

We looked and we saw Lady Gaga at the door,
Decided the pizza was big enough for four
We cut it into quarters, that’s what fractions are for
Fractions for sharing!

Out on the sidewalk we saw Taylor Swift
She was looking really hungry, she could really use a lift
She said she loved pizza so we cut it into fifths
Fractions for sharing!

We turned on the TV to watch Netflix
Prince came over, so the party now was six
We cut it into sixths with a quick sixths fix
Fractions for sharing!

The pizza was delicious ‘cause the crust was well leavened
Kevin Hart arrived so the ladies were in heaven
We cut it into sevenths so the pizza served seven
Fractions for sharing!


How does this help the kids learn? Numerous studies (Howard Gardner, Nick Page, Kaori Iwai, Greg Crowther, many others) show that integrating the arts into academic instruction enhances memory, motivation, and comprehension of the material we need our students to learn. This also fits with several thousand years of human experience: all of our oldest stories (Iliad, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, etc.) were shared and remembered as songs long before ordinary people had access to books. Although our songs are intended to be fun to hear and to sing, our music serves a serious purpose; and evidence shows that it really works.