Take Me Out to the T. Payne
by Ms. Davenport’s class
Payne Residency Songs

To the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

Natives don’t need as much water as plants from further away
Butterflies, hummingbirds, lizards and bats
Need us to bring back their old habitats
If you want wild birds in your garden you’ll need to help them along
If you want more birds, bees, and lizards then kill your lawn!

If you want to save local wildlife, they’ll need a good habitat
You’ve heard it before but we must repeat:
Your yard has nothing for wildlife to eat!
You can save a whole lot of water and give the wildlife a chance
If you kill your lawn to make room for some native plants!

An aquifer stores lots of water, a lake that’s deep underground
Helping our rainfall to slow, spread, and sink
Means we will all have more water to drink
We’ll use permeable concrete for sidewalks to help the water go down
We can fill our aquifer up in the underground!

Our water table is dropping, our runoff runs into the sea
Now we are having a serious drought
We’d better not let the water run out!
We can bring our aquifer levels back up to where they once were
If we slow, spread, sink water down to the aquifer!

A dam is a wall for the water, to keep it from running away
In our new reservoir we will store
Water until we open the door
Then the water flows into the turbine before we let it run free
And it turns the turbine to make electricity!