by Ms. Bilovsky’s class at Dayton Heights Elementary

to the tune of Spider Man theme by Webster and Harris


Way down South where it’s warm, there’s a rotating tropic storm

Moving West across the sea, getting closer to you and me

Look out, here comes a hurricane

Growing with solar power, blowing 74 miles per hour

It may get even faster, causing a natural disaster

Look out, here comes a hurricane


Meteorologists at the NOAA

Warn us of the risk, tell us “Get out of the way!”


Pack your things, don’t you wait when it’s time to evacuate

When it hits, it’s okay; you’ll already be far away

And when the storm causes mass destruction

Then comes the reconstruction

After the hurricane!


Ms. B's students were reading about natural disasters; then the day I came in to start a songwriting residency, the headlines were all about a hurricane smacking into Texas. We decided to write a little about where and how hurricanes are formed, as well as the importance of getting out of the way when you get the warning.