Kill the Lawn
by Ms. Garcia’s class
Payne Residency Songs

To the tune of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

It may seem crazy what I’m about to say
We got to change our landscaping in L.A.
In Ms. Garcia’s eco-science class
We learned about the trouble with imported grass, so

Kill the lawn and replace it with xerotropic native plants
Kill the lawn so the native birds and butterflies will have a chance
Kill the lawn and plant some natives and you’ll save a lot of H20
Kill the lawn ‘cause the native plants are the easiest kind to grow

Consider a plant like the milkweed
It’s a humble thing that you don’t need
But from the point of view of the monarch butterfly
If they can’t find milkweed, they’re all gonna die, that’s why we got to

(repeat chorus)

Think about the food that’s on your plate
For food to grow, the farmers got to irrigate
But if you use up all the water for your green grass
Then you’re gonna be getting hungry pretty fast, you got to

(repeat chorus)

(music stops, rhythm continues)
Native plants make a habitat
All the native bugs can smell where it’s at
Plant a manzanita or a sycamore
You’ll soon see what native plants are for
Native plants can survive a drought
Got to watch that water ‘cause we’re running out
Your fancy lawn is all wrong, you see
We got to learn sustainability

(repeat chorus)