Bodily Autonomy

Posted May 21, 2014, under Tim's Blog

My friend Judi Miller teaches high-school English in Ohio. Besides being smart and wickedly funny, she has a knack for finding the nicest possible way to deal directly with unpleasant issues. What follows is her account of a recent situation in her classroom; I think it is the best explanation of bodily autonomy I have … Read More

Recent Goings-On

Posted May 16, 2014, under Tim's Blog

I haven’t blogged lately: I’ve been really, really busy, okay? Just a quick update on some recent stuff so you’ll know I haven’t been slacking off: The new album is still in the mix/master hopper with Jeff Abercrombie. I’ve always been an instant gratification guy, so working with professionals who put more emphasis on “quality” … Read More

Field Report: NSTA Boston (long post)

Posted April 8, 2014, under Tim's Blog

I’m home from Boston. Music was shared, much fun was had, and some lessons were learned. Details below: For those of you who aren’t familiar with NSTA, the National Science Teachers’ Association runs (among other things) a very large annual national conference for science teachers, administrators, publishers, etc. For this year’s conference, they invited me … Read More

Calling All Educators

Posted April 6, 2014, under Tim's Blog

I’m in Boston this week as a presenter for the National Science Teachers’s Association; this post is directed mainly to the educators at the conference. Of course, if you’re interested then it applies to you too! A Call to Teachers Thanks for visiting my site! Rather than deluge you with handouts (you’ve got plenty of … Read More

On the road again…

Posted March 31, 2014, under Tim's Blog

I’m having loads of fun this week in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts! The National Science Teachers’ Association has its big annual gathering later this week in Boston and I’m doing a show, so I’ll be doing some shows and writing workshops as I work my way up the coast. I especially love going to … Read More

Annenberg Foundation chooses GriffinEd for Alchemy training

Posted February 11, 2014, under Tim's Blog

I am thrilled to announce that Griffin Education has been chosen to participate in the 2014 Annenberg Alchemy training for nonprofit organizations! Sort of a boot camp for leaders of nonprofits that show great promise. I expect I shall have to wear a necktie and act serious.

Etymology with the 12-year old

Posted February 8, 2014, under Tim's Blog

On a typical morning at casa Griffin, the boy genius and I are talking over our scrambled eggs about etymology and medieval history. BG: So dad, is an earl the same thing as a jarl? Dad: Well, sort of. Same root word, of course, but the implications are very different. BG: I bet a jarl … Read More

Happy New Year! Sorry, nothing new yet.

Posted February 1, 2014, under Tim's Blog

Yeah, I know it’s February now but we tend to run a little behind here at Griffin Education world headquarters, so we’ve decided to observe the Chinese New Year instead. To celebrate, I’ve been trying all week to get some new songs uploaded and posted for you but the internet gnomes appear to be messing … Read More

Field Report: Conflikt

Posted January 28, 2014, under Tim's Blog

Interfilk is a nonprofit that sends filk (yes, that’s a word) musicians to exotic, distant locales to perform. This past weekend, I was honored to be the Interfilk guest at the 2014 Conflikt music convention in exotic, distant Seattle. I flew up last Tuesday for what I thought would be a couple of days of … Read More

Common Core, part 3: Ms. Lamoreaux takes exception

Posted January 15, 2014, under Tim's Blog

I thought I was done with the Common Core for a while, but my friend J-Mag sent me a link to this video of Karen Lamoreaux addressing the Arkansas state board of education. Ms. Lamoreaux is very articulate and presents some valid concerns about the Common Core; I suggest you take four minutes to watch … Read More