GriffinEd: First Year

Posted May 28, 2013, under Tim's Blog

With the school year drawing to a close, I look around and find my head spinning a bit as I realize it was one year ago this week that I made the decision. One year since I took the plunge, resigned my tenure as an elementary teacher, and turned my musical sabbatical into a full-time … Read More

Aaaaaaand we’re up!

Posted May 11, 2013, under Tim's Blog

I feel like I’ve just given birth to a new baby named Before we start actively promoting this new site, I really need your feedback! Please take the site for a ride and see how it works for you, then let me know how we can make it better. There’s a lot of new … Read More

Happy Earth Day

Posted April 13, 2013, under Tim's Blog

I just did a show at an Earth Day celebration in Tarzana. Great fun! All that information about the environment reminded me of a discussion from a while back on Facebook. A friend had posted a link to an article about new technologies for reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. I learned … Read More

Some Thoughts on Writing (a rather long post)

Posted March 4, 2013, under Tim's Blog

Lately I’ve been doing more writing workshops than shows, so this rather long post is mostly for my writer friends. I’m working on a formal write-up of my songwriting workshops (aimed mostly at K-8 teachers and their students), but before I start looking into publishing anything I’d really like to get some feedback from others … Read More

I’m right here… aren’t I?

Posted February 24, 2013, under Tim's Blog

Last December I did a show for an annual gathering of the National Science Teachers’ Association in Phoenix, Arizona. Some teachers from the Phoenix suburb of Glendale liked it enough

Enter the Bearded Dragon

Posted February 14, 2013, under Tim's Blog

A little over a year ago, there was a guy who apparently thought he knew enough about bearded dragons to successfully breed them for money, so he put a male and female together in a small tank. Nature took its course and the mom laid a clutch of eggs, about a dozen of which eventually … Read More

Convention Report: GAFilk

Posted January 15, 2013, under Tim's Blog

A while back I had an email from Larry Niven. He had been invited to be a guest at GAFilk, a music convention in Atlanta. He was allowed to bring a guest of his own but his wife Fuzzy has been dealing with enough health issues that she declined. Larry told the con staff that … Read More

Happy New Year

Posted January 1, 2013, under Tim's Blog

Welcome to 2013! I’ve been relaxing with family and friends in Sun Valley, Idaho, but after successfully avoiding work for a few weeks I’m getting ready to head back to GriffinEd World Headquarters in La Canada, CA. January should be pretty exciting. I have three shows next week (!), we’re finally getting moving on the … Read More

Drum roll please…

Posted December 1, 2012, under Tim's Blog

Okay, I have some exciting news to share. Well, it’s exciting to me anyway so please listen politely and pretend to be interested, okay? First, Griffin Education Solutions now has official recognition from the IRS and the state of California as an official educational non-profit under section 501(c)3 of the United States tax code. I … Read More

More news from the henhouse

Posted November 3, 2012, under Tim's Blog

Princess the duck is still sitting on her eggs. Meanwhile, I have just been completely outsmarted and humiliated… by a pigeon. Allow me to explain: a while back, some very nice hippie artist ladies persuaded me to adopt six beautiful king pigeons that needed a place to call home. Now normally, I hear the word … Read More