Sunday, October 23

Posted October 26, 2011, under Tim's Blog

Further developments… @ 09:09 PM The Da Vinci Chord is now available for download on iTunes. I’ll be reviewing the rebuild on the site later this week and (maybe) we can get the song of the week launched the next week.

Monday, October 24

Posted October 26, 2011, under Tim's Blog

Convention Report: OVFF @ 08:04 PM I just got home from the Ohio Valley Filk Festival. I had so much fun, met so many lovely people, and heard so much great music that I’m not even sure how to explain. I’ll just stick to some highlights: I hosted a songwriting workshop for kids. Four brilliant … Read More

Wednesday, October 12

Posted October 12, 2011, under Tim's Blog

Yeah, Baby! @ 10:16 AM Okay, while we’re working to get the site rebuilt we have a new option for those of you who have had problems downloading music: CD Baby now carries my new album THE DA VINCI CHORD for purchase as an actual plastic CD or for download. You can download individual songs … Read More

Monday, October 10

Posted October 10, 2011, under Tim's Blog

CD’s, we got CD’s!!! @ 01:33 PM The new album, THE DA VINCI CHORD, is finally in hand. It sounds exactly the same as the stuff already on this web site, but if you like plastic we’ve got it now. I usually sell discs only at shows but if you really, really need one let … Read More

Thursday, October 06

Posted October 6, 2011, under Tim's Blog

Pedaling as fast as we can @ 09:04 AM Okay, we’re closing in on the new launch of the site, along with the official start of song-of-the-week. If your computer bursts into flames or anything while on this site, please be patient while we get our act together.