Common Core, part 2: What’s in there, anyway?

Posted January 14, 2014, under Tim's Blog

Okay, I’m back from Idaho and ready to start the new year! We have some big plans here at GriffinEd World Headquarters; I’ll be sharing those with you soon, but first I’d like to finish discussing the Common Core. First, you don’t need me to tell you what’s in the Core: you can read it … Read More

The Common Core, part 1: Standards vs. Curriculum

Posted December 3, 2013, under Tim's Blog

I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of discussion recently about the new common academic standards that most states are adopting; much of the discussion appears to be based on misunderstanding. I try to avoid blogging about politics here— this blog is mostly about education and music, plus too much information about my personal life— … Read More

My first residency is done

Posted November 17, 2013, under Tim's Blog

A while back I was invited to be an Artist-In-Residence for LA’s BEST, an after-school program providing Title-1 students in Los Angeles with quality academic enrichment at no cost to their families. I was thrilled of course, but also a little flummoxed: how would my 60-minute writing workshop translate to a format where I would … Read More

Cover Art, part 1

Posted October 31, 2013, under Tim's Blog

Phew! I had a stretch there where it seemed like I was always either packing, unpacking, or on the road to the next show, convention, or writing workshop. The toughest day was last Friday, with a quick morning show at PCR; then a 109 mile drive to Palm Springs to do an afternoon presentation for … Read More

Too. Much. Fun.

Posted October 23, 2013, under Tim's Blog

Oh my. I just spent a long weekend in San Diego (yes, again and I’m not sorry) doing five writing workshops for kids, three live shows, two panel discussions, one press interview, and serving as emcee/toastmaster for Conjecture/Conchord, a three-day celebration of science fiction and fantasy books, movies, games, costumes, and all things good and … Read More

My secret writing agenda

Posted October 11, 2013, under Tim's Blog

I got home from a six-day road trip to Glendale, Arizona and San Diego, California. In Glendale, I did one show and eleven writing workshops with kids in grades four through eight. The kids at Heritage Elementary (I made it to the correct one this time, but that’s another story) and Desert Palms Elementary created … Read More

When art and science collide

Posted September 23, 2013, under Tim's Blog

I just read a fascinating article about the amplituhedron, a geometric figure that may vastly simplify the math behind quantum physics. This may seem obscure, but consider that many of our modern electronic tools (cell phones, iPads, etc.) rely on quantum mechanics to function. If we can vastly simplify the computations required for our electronic … Read More

Hey, where’d my summer go?

Posted August 26, 2013, under Tim's Blog

Well, that was an awfully quick summer; seems like I was just taking some cooking lessons in Tuscany, a quick swim at Newport Beach, then dropping the boy off for his first day of middle school (eek)! So, back to work: GriffinEd is now beginning its second year of official operations. So far, here’s what … Read More

Ah, summer

Posted July 25, 2013, under Tim's Blog

Since the schools mostly shut down in the summer, this is the quiet time of year for me. Shannon and I just got back from a month in Italy where we did a lot of hiking together; separately, she rode horses and I took cooking lessons. In Italian. I spoke no Italian at the beginning … Read More

Can we prove this works? Why yes, we can.

Posted June 6, 2013, under Tim's Blog

When we launched GriffinEd in 2012, we needed some data to support our mission. A HUGE thank you to Ms. Campa and all the teachers at Kingsley Elementary who participated. You can download the whole doc here, but below is a quick overview: For 30 years of teaching, writing, and performing I have been using … Read More