Too. Much. Fun.

Oh my. I just spent a long weekend in San Diego (yes, again and I’m not sorry) doing five writing workshops for kids, three live shows, two panel discussions, one press interview, and serving as emcee/toastmaster for Conjecture/Conchord, a three-day celebration of science fiction and fantasy books, movies, games, costumes, and all things good and geeky. This week I have my usual artist-in-residence gig, three live shows (two of them for CSTA in Palm Springs!), one recording session, plus my after-school math club for extremely clever children is starting up again on Thursday…

I am having a great time and would not trade any of it away, but I’m looking at my calendar and it all adds up to Way Too Much Fun. Things are looking to settle down a bit for the next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to it: I’ve got a bunch of half-baked songs buzzing around in my brain and I want to spend some serious time in the Cave working them out. I also want to start making it to the gym more than once a week; I want to spend some not-distracted time with my family; I really, really want to finish making the new album (due in January) all shiny so we can send it off to the presses.

Mind you, I’ll still be taking bookings and delighted to do so, but I’m going to have to start deferring new bookings into December or early in 2014. Obviously, this is a very good problem to have.