Calling All Educators

I’m in Boston this week as a presenter for the National Science Teachers’s Association; this post is directed mainly to the educators at the conference. Of course, if you’re interested then it applies to you too!

A Call to Teachers

Thanks for visiting my site! Rather than deluge you with handouts (you’ve got plenty of those by now), I thought I’d address you from my home page. Please take some time to explore this site. Listen to the music, read the notes, and have a look at the standards addressed.

NOW: If you believe this a project worth developing further, her is what I ask of you as teachers.

  1. If you think my music is a useful tool for teaching, please share it with your colleagues! Your referrals are way more effective than any advertising.
  2. If you can’t find a song about a topic you want, please contact me! Maybe I can refer you to something you can use. Maybe I can write a song for you! If I can develop your idea into a useable song, I will thank you in the credits. If you request a song, please be as specific as you can about what the key concepts are, the key vocabulary, and anything else you really want your students to know about the topic.
  3. If you’d like me to come to your school some time, contact me and let me know. Next time I come your way, I’ll contact you and see if we can set something up!
  4. Keep checking back here for new content. We have a whole new album coming soon!
  5. Write me a short email about how you are using my music with your students. This gives me ammunition when applying for grants.
  6. anything else I can do to serve you and your students better? Let me know!