Kiss the Terror Bird
copyright 2012 by Tim Griffin

Way back in the Miocene, the scariest bird you’ve ever seen
Stood ten feet tall but hung his head in shame
‘Cause every time he tried to play his friends all fled in fright
And would anyone kiss the terror bird goodnight?

He raised his huge and horrid beak and bellowed out a horrid shriek
‘Til all could see the way he earned his name
With knobby knees on legs like trees and wings too small for flight
Would anyone kiss the terror bird goodnight?

(bridge) Yes they called the bird a terror, and this was sure no error
For the way he killed his prey was cold and cruel
But here’s the sad and sordid truth: so did savage sabertooth
But everybody said that cat was cool!

The bird was sure colossal, but now he’s just a fossil
You can see him in the museum all alone
And when the gallery closes down, the staff turn out the light
And will anyone kiss the terror bird goodnight?

Oh please, someone (carefully) kiss the terror bird goodnight!


As usual, many thanks to my two paleontologist friends who are also musicians and are both named Robinson, though they live on opposite coasts and are not related. They both gave me some good feedback for correcting some factual errors; any errors that remain are my own fault.

Suggestions for the Classroom:
hmmm... nah.

C, F, G, Am.