copyright 2005 by Tim Griffin

When the waves are breaking heavy over your bow, don’t worry now
Across a restless sea you hurry home to me, I am your harbor
When the gale is forcing you to lower your sail, I’ll never fail
To shelter you until the storm is through, I am your harbor

Through the night, thunder and lightning will have their say; I am never far away
And though the sea is high, you can always find the way
Someday I know you’ll have to sail away and discover new lands
But when you need a hand, just know I love you and I am your harbor

I know the rains will fall, through hurricanes and all your pain I will be there
And though you have to roam, you’ll always have a home where
You know whenever you need somewhere to go in a raging sea
Just push your tiller to lea and sail on home to me, I am your harbor

I’ll blow a gentle breeze to set your heart at ease, I am your harbor
I’ll keep you safe and warm, I’ll leave the lighthouse on, I am your harbor

Harbor (demo)


I wrote this for the boy genius when he was four years old and just starting to be more independent. For a parent, there is joy and sorrow in watching your kid learn to take care of himself: you delight in his growing independence and confidence, but you begin to dread the day when he'll be off on other adventures that won't include you. Still, I wanted him to know he'd always have a safe harbor with us.

Bm, F#m, G, A, D.