Birds (the game, not actual birds)
copyright 2011 by Tim Griffin

I had to feed a hungry crowd so I went out to get some eggs
I didn’t have to go too far, you know it’s hard without any arms and legs
Now the birds are reacting badly, madly crashing into my home
I would give all the eggs back gladly if they’d just leave me alone, oh

Birds in the doorway, birds in the hall, crushing, crashing, smashing all
The things in my house, why won’t they just let me be
Tell me why are the birds all coming after me?

I used to laugh each time a bird would smack into my window pane
Now the order’s been disturbed, I’m sure that all the birds have gone insane
I’m just trying to do my job but the birds keep breaking my house to bits
Here they come in an angry mob, a terrifying flying blitz of

Birds on the chimney, birds on the floor, smashing every wall and door
They fly and defy my every attempt to flee
Tell me why are the birds all coming after me?

(bridge) They arrive without rhyme nor reason, no relenting, no release
Now they’re coming in every season, won’t they ever give me peace?

So I built a castle thick with walls of brick and walls of stone
I was sure those birds would finally leave my family and me alone
Now the birds all are coming back, and they’re all attacking my house again
And when the last one has finally dropped, I’m certain that they’ve stopped but then those

Birds in the front yard, birds in back, launch their suicide attack
I’m a peacable pig as anyone can see
Tell me why are the birds all coming after
Hear the sound of mocking laughter
Why are the birds all coming after me?


Most people assume this is a song about a video game. Whenever someone mentions the game in question, I sneer and tell them the song is actually about the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie. Of course, whenever someone mentions the movie I sneer and tell them it’s about the video game. I have found this to be an excellent way to not get invited back again.

STANDARDS ADDRESSED BY… Oh, come on. This song is completely frivolous. I hope you enjoy it.

Guitar Chords:
Em, G, Am, B7,C, A. While playing the Em chord with my index and middle finger, I use my ring finger to bounce on and off the 3rd fret of the low E and the A string alternately.