All Night Long
copyright 2011 by Tim Griffin

(The New Baby Song)

Hold me gently all night long
Never let me down
Slowly singing my favorite song
Walk me all around the nursery

Whispering gently into my ear
Circles beneath your eyes
Singing the song that I long to hear
Until the sun shall rise

Walk me slowly round the floor
Singing my favorite song once more
Holding me close until three or four
Then try to put me down (uh, nope)

Walking and rocking me all night long
In vain for sleep you pray
Hold me gently all night long
Get dressed and start your day

Quickly pick me up and then
Sing me the same song song again and again
Maybe I’ll sleep but I don’t know when
Maybe sometime around mid-September

Hurry to hold me all night long
Each time I go berserk
Hold me gently all night long
And then get dressed for work.


One of the pleasures of growing older (and we must treasure them because they are few) is watching the babies we love grow up to become parents. The first time I noticed this was when my youngest cousin became a father. It was about six in the morning when I saw Nick, a fine young man whose diapers I once helped change, walk into a room with new baby Jade bouncing in his arms. Jade was in fine fettle, gurgling and smiling a great toothless smile, whereas Nick looked like an extra from a zombie movie. These things do eventually sleep through the night, yes? The other oldsters and I briefly considered putting down our coffee and helping, but we were just having too much fun watching and laughing.

A, D, E, F#m, B