What, no new song this week?

That’s right, I’m taking a break from posting a new song every week. See last week’s blog entry for details. Not that I’m slacking off, I’m just working on other stuff at the moment. I’m still writing and have several new songs ready to record when we get to it. This week, some news:

First, I’m extending my music sabbatical for a second year. It’s beginning to look as though I may perhaps, hypothetically, possibly, be able to maybe (perhaps) make a go of music as a career. Possibly. Not a sure thing, so I’m definitely not giving up my tenure just yet. But it means I’ll be able to travel to perform in the 2012-2013 year if you want me somewhere.

Which brings me to the second thing. Up to now I’ve been giving all the revenues from CD sales and downloads to local public schools. This worked as long as I was doing it as a hobby (we’ve raised quite a lot of money, thanks!), but it won’t work as a business model. As of June 21 (the official end of my first sabbatical year and the beginning of the second), I’ll be keeping the money. So if you’ve been thinking about downloading songs from this site or from iTunes, or about buying a CD on CDBaby or Amazon, now is a great time to do it because it all goes to the schools through the end of this school year. After that, I’ll be spending it all on dumb stuff like food.

I’ve been doing some writing, but mostly this last week has been about working through various county and state bureaucracies to get my name onto their directories of “official” performers so I can get paid to perform at county libraries, public schools, etc. I have never seen a more convoluted application process except for every single time I want something from my own school district. Despite the Orwellian complexity of the system, a lot of very nice individuals have helped out with references, advice, introductions, etc. Many thanks!

I had a great time performing at the GLAAM (that’s the local MENSA chapter) gathering in Woodland Hills Sunday; next show is in two weeks at Consonance. Maybe we’ll start recording and posting new music again after that if I can get enough of my other jobs done by then.