Week 7

I was excited to learn that Judy Collins will be playing soon at Disney Hall, so I went online to get tickets for the wife and myself. Then I noticed that the decent seats – not front row mind you, but just to be on the main floor and facing the stage rather than the umpteenth balcony – would cost $400. Each.

As I laughed and canceled the order, I realized that the price of one seat in the thirtieth row at Disney Hall is by amazing coincidence my normal fee for an entire private performance at your home, school, etc. So you could go see Judy Collins all by yourself, then pay for parking, etc. OR you could have me come do a whole show for you and your family and all your/their friends for the same amount of money. And Judy Collins, whoever she is, probably doesn’t even post a new song every week on her site.

Which reminds me, 10,000 miles away is now up for your listening pleasure. Some may complain that I did not actually write this song, but I will smugly point out that when I said I’d post a new song each week, I meant that it would be new to YOU. I did the vocal arrangement myself, which was a lot more work than I remember it being in college but I already wrote everything I remember from college for last week’s song. Even so, I want to do a lot more a cappella in the new year.

Next week: possibly the best new punk rock song about geometry of 2011.