The Other Kids

My son recently gave a me a good long lecture about how cruel a parent I am, citing as evidence how all “the other kids” get to have cell phones, unlimited video game privileges and junk food, etc. I took careful notes and the result is this week’s song. You can find “The Other Kids” under Too Cruel For School.

If you were hoping for something more relevant to MLK day this week, I suggest you give “Acorns” a listen from the album Insult To Injury.

Other News: Ken and I took our boys to see Myth Busters Live last night at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Obviously we went to Trader Vic’s first for pupus and navy grog (no grog for the kids). The show was pretty good. Although Adam and Jaime couldn’t do the best stuff from their TV series (i.e. making things go Boom), they did a series of fun, flashy experiments using audience members on stage. Even better than watching the show was watching all the kids in the audience watching the show: lots of laughter, cheering, and spilled popcorn. When science geeks can fill the Nokia, there is still hope for the world; Adam and Jaime have absolutely earned this.