Squeee Factor

Okay, pretty busy here but some quick GriffinEd news:

  • I just won the 2014 Pegasus Award for best writer/composer. Yay me! Best Beloved has declared me insufferable in my squeee.
  • We have our first ever online-only, totally webcastified, internet-exclusive-to-your-internet-thing concert coming up Tuesday (10/28) evening at 7 pm Pacific Time. Pay whatever you like at Concert Window and please join us. On the Web! If you order pizza or something beforehand, it will be just like that dinner concert you missed, only cheaper. New songs, new instruments, new format. Seriously, this is going to be some good fun.
  • We had a very kind write-up from the estimable Gray Rinehart, complete with a slightly blurry picture of me in London.
  • Our new CD, Over The Edge, is selling well at filk conventions. You’ll be able to download the whole thing (pay what you like) here in another month or so; meanwhile, most of the songs are available for streaming in the music section of this site.
  • My songwriting residency in Pacoima, sponsored by the LA’s BEST foundation, proceeds apace. The kids are writing about different kinds of predators; we have two good songs about big cats and sharks in the hopper now, and we may get to a third next week. The kids will be performing in early November!
  • A new performing residency is in the hopper. Can’t tell you about it yet, but it involves multiple vaccinations and several medical tests for me.
  • The NSTA has me presenting at their Southwest U.S. conference in early December down in Long Beach, sharing songs and data on using music as a tool for teaching science. If you’re a science teacher, I’d love to see you there!
  • I spent two mornings last week over at Thud Studios recording demos of some new work. We’ll start posting those once the new album is all up. Let’s see how long we can keep the song o’the week going, shall we?
  • Many, many thanks to all for your support. I am still agog at how many people have stepped forward to support this ongoing project with their time, money, talent, advice, connections, votes, kind words, etc; I am humbled and thankful. And yet…
  • I squeee. Insufferably, it seems.