Sometimes I Get Prickly

Mostly working on boring administrative stuff this week, but we’re putting some finishing touches on tracks for the next album; it should be available this summer.

While I was up in the Bay Area for Consonance, a TV crew from the local CBS station came to do a story about the con. They filmed some performances, including mine, then interviewed several of us. They haven’t aired any of it on TV yet but Mike Sugerman, a guy from the local KCBS radio station, cobbled some bits and pieces of it together to make a story. You can read his column and hear the story by clicking here. I got irritated by how many details were wrong: the name on the con, the city it was in, the history of filk music; these are things he could have gotten right with a quick Google search. Full of self-righteous indignation, I made some needlessly harsh comments which I have since edited out from this blog.

Dave Stoelk, the producer who came to Consonance, sent me a friendly, polite, and good-humored email apologizing for the errors and pointing out that I made some myself. Dave and Mike, I overreacted and I apologize. Sometimes I forget that everyone, including me, makes mistakes. And, by the way, thank you for covering our con and bringing attention to our music.

In other news: I just learned that the La Canada Education foundation has raised over $2,000,000 this year for our local schools and that nearly 0.006% of that is due to downloads from this site. Yay!