Please Read Before Playing "Mr. Bond"

Parents, please note that this week’s song was NOT written for kids. I reckon it’s fine for any kid who’s old enough to watch a movie with actual guns, but please give it a listen before you play it for your little ones. I wouldn’t post anything I wouldn’t be comfortable with my own kid hearing, but your standards as a parent won’t always agree with mine so please exercise your judgment.

I’ve written a lot of songs for kids and some that aren’t, and I’ve been ambivalent about  whether and how to record them. A lot of friends have been asking for this week’s song, for example. So here’s the compromise: I’ll post non-kid songs along with a caution. I won’t put songs like this on my next album (working title is “Wrong and Wright,”) but I’ll move the adult recordings over to a new folder when I burn the kids’ songs to CD. If and when I have enough grownup songs for a CD of their own, I’ll do that.

By the way, there are some songs I will *never* post on this site. If you’ve ever heard me sing at a late-night filk, you know the ones I’m talking about.