Okay, I’m back… and I’m packing my bags again already.

It’s amazing how much can happen when I skip town for ten weeks. And yes, I had a lot of fun and did a ton of research and even some writing, but meanwhile…

Griffin Education Solutions is now an official 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the state of California! After 44 years of avoiding every kind of responsibility, I woke up Monday morning to learn that I am now a CEO and corporate president. I am also the artist-in-residence, driver, custodian, and mail boy. Our status with the federal government is pending, with approval expected shortly. At that point our grant writing staff (also me) can start applying for grant funding and accepting tax-deductible donations.

Okay, so now the real work begins. A whole new website is under construction as we speak; it will have a new address, but our current address will link to it automatically. We’re still offering free streaming audio right here, but the new one will offer free downloads as well. Best of all, ALL SHOWS AT SCHOOLS, LIBRARIES, MUSEUMS, AND OTHER LEARNING INSTITUTIONS ARE NOW FREE. If you want me to come share songs and stories with your kids and families, please contact me via the button at the top of the page. Los Angeles county is easy (I will even come for one classroom), but if you are further away we can still make it work if you will help me get enough shows in your area to make it worth traveling. For example, I have a tour coming up in late September where I will perform at six schools in the San Francisco bay area in five days.

“How can I help?” I hear you ask. Excellent question. The main thing you can do to help right now is to send links to this site to every teacher, principal, librarian, scoutmaster, museum staff member, etc. that you know. Tell them it’s not just sort-of educational but is in fact done by a teacher who is designing actual musical science/history/math lessons for grades K-8. Make sure they know the music is free on the site and that I would very much like to come do a show for them. For, you know, free!!! Not only is this my job now, but it will help later when I am writing grant proposals if I can tell some foundation that I have had ten million requests for performances.

So: between getting the non-profit going, substitute teaching in La Cañada, coaching mathletics, maybe some tutoring, plus (oh yeah) publishing my third CD (done now but for the artwork) and writing and recording still more fun educational music, this year is looking pretty freaking busy.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’d better get on a plane and fly to Chicago tomorrow to do a show at the World Science Fiction Convention. Back in a week.