New website coming soon…

Sometime in the next month or two, you will find the look of our website will change quite a lot. We will still have all the great music etc, but after five years we’ve had some feedback about how to better serve our users. Highlights will include:

  • The music page will actually be the home page, since that’s the main reason everyone comes here.
  • We will be adding a new section for Workshop songs. It will look a lot like the music page, but instead of original songs by Tim and the other professionals, the Workshop page will feature songs written “to the tune of” songs you already know, written mostly by kids and teachers (and anyone else who cares to submit). The page will include audio recordings when possible, but bear in mind we can only record tunes that are either not under copyright protection (i.e. old enough to be public domain) or where we can actually get permission from the original artist to use their tune.
  • A generally cleaner, less cluttered look.