Mom Loves Best

Seventeen years ago(!), Best Beloved did what a lot of first-time moms do: she bought about a dozen books on how to raise Boy Genius the RIGHT way and read them cover to cover. One would think all those experts (after all, they wrote books!) would have some kind of consensus about how to do the terribly complicated thing of caring for a baby but… no. Contradictory claims and advice abounded, leaving Best Beloved even more flummoxed than before.

Thankfully, Jenny Silverstone now runs a terrific website for new parents called Mom Loves Best, featuring science-based parenting advice. This does not mean you’ve got to build a physics lab in your playroom (but hey, great if you do); rather, it’s about fact-checking the claims of that trendy new thing you really must buy/do/feed/etc. for your kids, versus what the data says. Would have made our first few years with BG a lot easier if we’d had it then.

If you like your childrearing claims seasoned with actual evidence, Jenny’s website is worth a look. I mention it today because I particularly enjoyed this week’s post on music for babies and toddlers!