Fast Pitch is done!

Well, that was a pretty intense eight-week journey. I did about thirty drafts of my pitch, practiced it about a zillion times, made some new friends and a lot of contacts, and honed GriffinEd’s message about what we do and why it matters. Definitely time well spent, and I am extremely grateful to the Social Venture Partners and the coaches for their colossal investment of time and money in helping a small nonprofit like GriffinEd move our mission forward.

So, results: we made the finals and raised some money. We did not take any of the top prizes. Obviously I would have preferred to win but if I’m going to be beaten in a competition, this is exactly how I want it to happen: I crafted a good presentation and delivered it well, and so did everyone else in the event. Some of the other presenters moved the judges and audience more, and they deserved the win. You can watch the GriffinEd pitch on YouTube by clicking here, or you can see all of the presentations here. Note that the videos seem to be having some trouble playing on the Mac Safari browser, so if you have trouble you can try pasting the link into FireFox, Chrome, or any other browser.

Next steps: following up on a lot of new contacts made at the event; maintaining and building upon new relationships begun in the Fast Pitch process; exploring some new and exciting possibilities for collaboration. Oh, and I’ve got about eight weeks of work to catch up on!