Digging My Own Cave

One of the many ways I’ve been lucky with my music is in my friends and how patient they are with my random questions: I get to bounce my ideas off a particle physicist/computer programmer in Seattle, a Hugo-winning science fiction writer in Chatsworth, a mathematician in Boston, etc. These people have saved me from exposing my own ignorance on many occasions. Chris, thank you for your help on this week’s song. As always, any errors my friends didn’t save me from are solely my own fault.

Other news: Saturday was a huge day for math in the southwestern states. I have been coaching two teams (one from my own school, one from my son’s) since Thanksgiving to prepare for this weekend’s Math Matters contest, held at a bunch of schools simultaneously. On Saturday morning, my math warriors met with kids from about a dozen other schools in Hollywood. The fourth and fifth-grade contestants did a heroic job of answering a lot of insanely difficult questions such as, what percent of one half is equal to one fourth of one tenth? I am EXTREMELY proud of my mathletes for their courage and persistence!

My mancave/studio is more or less built; I’m finally able to do my writing and practicing down here at least, which is a huge relief to my family… We’ll try to get tooled up to start recording at home over the next month or so. BTW, the answer is 5.