Busy, busy, busy

My top priority right now is getting the new album nailed down, but we did make time last week to record and post a few simple videos on YouTube:

Natural Selection

National Debt

Six Leg Jump

Yeah, it’s just me and a guitar. Want to see something more elaborate in the video department? Cool. Make one. I’m serious; I don’t have time to do anything fancy in that area right now but my work is available to you via a pretty liberal Creative Commons license. For practical purposes, that means you can do pretty much whatever you like with my work except sell it or use it without proper attribution. If you want to make a video with my music and post it on YouTube, go for it. Let me know and if it does not stink I’ll post a link to your video on this site.

In the new music department, I finally finished writing my first song for ukulele, but I need to restring my uke to record it. Do you have *any*idea* how hard it is to find strings for an 8-string tenor uke? I finally found a place in Texas. Strings should arrive this week, so maybe we can record it next week. Meanwhile I’m going up to Northern California later this week for Consonance, and we just adopted 7 chicks and 3 ducklings that needed a home, and the county of Los Angeles wants me to provide more references, and there are still men with power tools working around my “music” studio, and, and, and…