Back again, for now

I enjoyed a truly fabulous week in Chicago at the World Science Fiction Convention. My show went well, I made some new friends and caught up with some old ones. I got to hang out with some of my favorite writers, artists, and musicians. If you’ve never been to a Worldcon, try to imagine a huge festival where thousands of bright, creative, yet totally unpretentious people gather to celebrate science and fantasy fiction, visual and dramatic arts, music, technology, education, film, dance, and really good parties. At any given time, there were maybe twenty worthwhile things happening simultaneously; sort of like Burning Man but with indoor plumbing. Next year in San Antonio, anyone?

Now I have a week and a half to take care of some business at home. I’m writing and sending out a lot of proposals for shows during the coming year. GriffinEd is grinding slowly forward. I’m in the administrative pipeline with LCUSD to get my new math program off the ground here in La Canada, along with some substitute teaching to maintain my teaching cred. Time to do laundry, exercise, and change the strings on my instruments.

Then I go perform at six schools in one week in the bay area… no sweat.