And Now, An Announcement

My leave from my teaching position is being extended indefinitely so I can move to the next stage in my plan for musical domination of the world: I’m starting a non-profit educational corporation for the distribution of educational music via streaming audio, download, and live performance. All for free. Details pending, but the basic idea is that the non-profit will have one employee (me) drawing a modest salary. My job will be to apply for grants, do free shows at libraries & schools, correlate artistic content to grade-level standards, etc. CD’s will still cost money but everything else will be free. So if you are a teacher, librarian, etc. in Los Angeles county or any adjacent county, I can now come to you for FREE. I am happy to come for just one class or for a full-blown assembly. I can do a show tailored to the academic needs of your students or do a more workshop-style presentation that includes writing poetry and music. If you are farther away and you want me to come to you, contact me and we’ll see if we can work something out. I am willing to travel if we can set up several shows back to back.

To the students and families I have had the privilege to serve these last eighteen years, I cannot thank you enough. I have loved being a full-time teacher and I intend to keep one foot in the classroom through volunteering and some substitute work, but the music project is taking so much of my time and energy right now that I cannot do everything and be everywhere I want.

I’ve written several new songs but haven’t had time to record them yet. Most of my time in the studio has been spent polishing tracks for the third album. We’re really close to being done, so we even may get to some of the new stuff by the end of April.