Making Electricity
by Ms. Echeverria’s class
Haskell STEAM Songbook

May be sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”

Dig some coal out of the ground and set the coal on fire
Boil a tank of water so the pressure builds up higher
Pipe the steam across the blades to start a turbine turning
Making electricity with all the coal we’re burning
Fossil fuels are cheap and easy, they’re a good solution (but)
They’re not going to last forever and they make pollution

Wind’s another way to make a turbine start rotation
Turn the magnets and the wires for current generation
Use kinetic energy from wind to make a current
Turning on the lights in all the places where they weren’t
Using wind is safe and clean as long as wind is blowing
But you’ll find your lights are dimmer when the wind is slowing

Build a dam across a river, build a power station
Water through a turbine causes electrification
Water up behind a dam has energy potential
Pipe it out the bottom where the pressure is torrential
Hydroelectric power’s great but now the river’s gone there
Not so awesome for the fish who only want to spawn there

We need electricity to power our devices
All the ways we make it have their virtues and their vices
We can learn about them all and then we’ll raise our voices
Tell our leaders what we’ve learned for making better choices
Making electricity is easy when you know how
That’s the ending of our song; goodbye, we’ve got to go now!


How does this help the kids learn? Numerous studies (Howard Gardner, Nick Page, Kaori Iwai, Greg Crowther, many others) show that integrating the arts into academic instruction enhances memory, motivation, and comprehension of the material we need our students to learn. This also fits with several thousand years of human experience: all of our oldest stories (Iliad, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, etc.) were shared and remembered as songs long before ordinary people had access to books. Although our songs are intended to be fun to hear and to sing, our music serves a serious purpose; and evidence shows that it really works.