TCFS Week 4

The fourth song of the week, OREGON TRAIL, is now posted under TOO CRUEL FOR SCHOOL. I am now a few weeks ahead of the curve on recording so I’m finally beginning to think I might actually be able to pull this project off. Next week, one of my few math songs that does not stink.

Other News: every time I think my home studio is just about ready to go I run into new problems. At this point I should just admit that I have NO FREAKING IDEA when I’ll be ready to record at home. Right now it’s a snail’s race to see whether I’ll get my hardware properly set up first, or if I’ll get the software properly installed, or maybe if the men with hammers and buzz saws will finish the roof that was originally going to be finished last June. I am extremely grateful to Devin Thomas at Southwest Sound: he keeps squeezing me into his schedule for “a few more sessions” and does a consistently good job of making my work sound like music.