Song-A-Week is Go!

Okay, I can’t say we’ve solved every possible technical problem, but we’ve at least reached the point where we’ve resolved everything that’s obvious from our end. Now we need your help! Help breaking it, that is. Please play around a bit and tell us what doesn’t work right, what seems confusing, and what just looks weird to you. Every flaw you tell us about is one more thing we can ┬áimprove upon, bringing us ever closer to world domination!

Please click above on MUSIC, then on TOO CRUEL FOR SCHOOL. Our first song-of-the-week, NEW COLOSSUS, should be there. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. If you want to download it, it will cost you $.89 via PayPal. Our current technical issue of focus is getting your downloaded MP3 file to launch automatically in your player, which will (we hope) recognize the title, artist, and other info associated with the track. Please let us know if it works for you and, even more important, if it does not.

Next week: the song that won the themed writing contest this year at OVFF. It’s sort of a funky club dance mix about particle physics. Seriously. Check back Monday and maybe you won’t be sorry.