Progress Report

Okay, we’ve been polishing the new version of the site for a few days now. Please take it for a spin and send us any thoughts you may have on how we can make your experience better!

Meanwhile, lots of other news: both INSULT TO INJURY and THE DA VINCI CHORD are now available on CD and download at, though you’ll be paying more there because they get a commission and they charge for shipping CD’s. and iTunes now have DA VINCI, and INSULT should be showing up soon. Be advised that due to commissions your prices will be considerably higher there.

On our own site, we’re going to try posting our first new song post-launch on Monday, so come have a look. Another new song (scheduled to post soon) just won a songwriting contest at OVFF in Columbus, Ohio. I finally got my license to assign ISRC’s to my songs so I should be able to upload tracks along with names, etc.

I had a sublime experience performing at JTD elementary school on Friday. My own kindergarten teacher, Ms. Mansfield, introduced me to the audience! I swear she’s just as pretty as she was when I was five years old.

As always, thank you for your patience, your support, and your feedback that helps us to provide better service to you. With your help we’re finally closing in on the Song of the Week project!